Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Maleficium Dark Art Show 2012

The clock is ticking for me to finish up my submission(s) for the 2nd annual Maleficium Dark Art Show opening November 3rd and hosted by J. Anthony Kosar.
Anyone who knows me has heard me talk about how amazingly talented Anthony is as an Illustrator, Painter, Sculptor,  and Makeup Effects Artist.
We met last week so I could show him some of the personal projects I've been working on (a peek into the warped perspective of yours truly),  a nice change from the weddings, portraits & events I'm used to doing. It also seemed like a prime opportunity to pitch him some future projects that would incorporate his talents as well.
I did mention he is amazingly talented, but can't take a picture right?. . . no?  Now you know.
Let's face it, if he could I wouldn't get the photo jobs (check out to see some of the work I've done for him or visit the studio).
Based on the look I'm getting from my four legged feline taskmaster it's either time to get back to work or clean the litter box.
Just to be safe, i will do both.

So it Begins

Well. . . Here we are. The 1st in what is expected to be an ongoing blog primarily about Photography (wedding, portraits, events, fine art, horror, fantasy, trick, abstract, equipment, styles, fads, etc.) or anything that piques my interest.
I've held off for a very long time on starting a blog to express my opinion, but felt until I finish my website this would be a good outlet for a medium I hold very dear.
Like anything on the web, it's my take, so take it with a pound of salt.
as one of my favorite T.V. characters, Kosh from Babylon 5, would say . . .
"So it begins."